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Get Your Car Winter Ready

Get Your Car Winter Ready

In preparation for the winter season, drivers should wisely prepare themselves and their vehicles for decreased temperatures, increased rain and/or snowfall, and tougher driving conditions. Here are a few “checks” to get your car winter ready and ensure a safer driving experience in the winter!

Check your tires

Ensure your tires are winter ready by checking if there is adequate tread on the tire. If your tire tread is low, your tires should be replaced.

Better yet, come down to one of our six dealerships and purchase winter tires. Winter tires are specifically designed for winter driving as they will exert a better grip on the road in cooler temperature. It is recommended that winter tires are installed before temperature drops below 7°C.

Check your windshield wipers and wiper fluid

In Metro Vancouver, we use our windshield wipers for majority of the year due to the rain. It’s important to replace windshield wipers every 6 months depending on wear and tear. Regular wiper fluid may freeze over in colder temperature, so don’t take that chance and exchange it to a type that contains a good antifreeze fluid. Don’t let ineffective wipers and wiper fluid impair your visibility of the roads and pedestrians.

Check your battery

Make sure your batteries are in top shape to brave the winter season! Check the physical condition of the battery – are there cracks and corrosion of the cables and the box? If your battery appears to be in rough shape or it is few years old, have it tested and replace it if necessary. You can choose from a variety of Genuine Honda batteries starting at only $99.99!

Check your defroster and heater

A clear windshield is vital to safe driving; check your vehicle’s defroster and heater to make sure they are working properly.

Check your lights

Properly working lights not only allow drivers to see their surroundings, they are equally important to make their vehicles visible to everyone else on the road. Examine your front, rear, hazard, and brake lights.

Need help preparing your car for winter? Visit one of our six dealerships located around the lowermainland or contact our Service Department for more information.


Movember at Destination Auto Group

Hide the shaving cream and whip out the mustache combs? Movember is here! Destination Auto Group is proud to support the improvement of men’s health and the fight against cancer.

Cancer affects everyone, regardless of gender, race and age; we are participating in Movember in hopes to raise awareness and funds to help fight this disease. Dennis Lee, IT Manager at Destination Auto Group, shared with us his personal story and what Movember means to him, as well as a few tips on growing that perfect ‘stache!

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Q: Who are you growing a mustache for and how did they influence/impact your life?

D. Lee: I am participating in Movember in memory of my dad, William Richard Lee. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer roughly 15 years ago and the doctors were able to manage his condition thru chemotherapy and radiation. Unfortunately, my father lost his battle this summer when the cancer spread to his bones.

My father helped me to become the man I am today. Some of my fondest memories of my dad were when he taught me how to fish, took me camping, and coached my baseball and hockey teams. A leader and outdoorsman, he was everything you’d expect from a father and more.

What I will miss is he was a great grandfather and it saddens me that my kids won’t get to be with him anymore. The magic of the laughter, from him and the kids, was wonderful. They brought out the best of each other.

Q: How has the Movember movement changed and/or impacted you and your life?

D. Lee: The movement has given me to opportunity to shine the focus on the Movember cause within my circle of families, friends and co-workers. I believe the money raised will positively accelerate the research to find a cure because cancer is unpredictable and can strike those who are dearest to us at any time.

Nothing is more difficult to observe than the daily hardships of cancer-stricken patients fighting for their lives. For me, the loss of my father has taught me to appreciate the little things, like the laughter of my kids, my amazing wife, my health and all the memories I have with my father. Sporting the mustache is a reminder that life is short and we should do what we can to enjoy it to the fullest extent.

Q: How do you feel about women or “Mosistas” participating in Movember?

D. Lee: Women play a big part in raising awareness; everyone has their dads, brothers, sons, uncles and grandfathers, and cancer does not discriminate. In fact, it can potentially affect the lives of everyone around them. My wife, Lisa, supports me and the Movember cause 100%.

Q: What are some tips on grooming and styling a stache?

D. Lee: I’m currently growing the “boxcar,” so razors with built in trimmers work well. If you get to the “handlebar” length, pomade is great to help achieve that sleek look.

Visit Dennis’s Mobro page to learn more about his story.

Destination Toyota: First Concrete Pouring Ceremony

Destination Auto Group commemorated construction of the future home of Destination Toyota in Burnaby with a First Concrete Ceremony on October 2nd, 2014. The milestone was celebrated with a number of dignitaries, including the Mayor of Burnaby, His Worship Derek Corrigan, Members of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia Richard Lee and Kathy Corrigan, Toyota Canada Inc. (TCI) President and CEO Seiji Ichii, and Vice President of Sales, Larry Hutchinson.


“As we pour the first concrete today for our brand new store, we envision that the Destination Toyota Burnaby of tomorrow will be well equipped to help us exceed guest expectations, and create a meaningful and positive impact in the Burnaby community,” said Aziz Ahamed, President of Destination Auto Group.


Opening fall of 2015, the new home of Destination Toyota Burnaby will be a three-level, 90,000 square foot facility located at 4451 Still Creek Drive. Its proximity to Brentwood SkyTrain Station and the redevelopment of Brentwood Town Centre will maximize the dealership’s convenient location, and better serve the growing population of Burnaby and the Lower Mainland.

“For 22 years, great service has been at the heart of success at Destination Toyota, and with plans to open a facility that will allow the dealership to better serve the Burnaby community; the best is yet to come.” added Seiji Ichii, President and CEO, Toyota Canada Inc (TCI).

This vision is echoed by Mayor of Burnaby, His Worship Mayor Derek Corrigan, who noted that the new dealership is a great addition to the community and a place where people can shop for the finest and the most reputable Toyota vehicles.

Ultimately, Destination Toyota Burnaby will employ 20 additional associates and boast a more spacious showroom, a larger service shop equipped with 28 bays, on-site body shop, automatic car wash, tire centre and many other amenities to fulfill all our guests’ needs.

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About Destination Auto Group: 

Since 1983, Destination Auto Group has focused on one mission – empowering our guests with the right information to find a vehicle to suit their needs. Representing eight car brands, Destination Auto Group currently operates six full-service dealerships including Destination Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in North Vancouver, Destination Hyundai, Destination Mazda and Kingsway Honda in Vancouver, and Destination Toyota and Happy Honda in Burnaby.

How to Tell Your Car Needs A Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment

One of the most overlooked service procedures on cars that affect your tire’s tread longevity, fuel efficiency and wheel handling is the wheel alignment. Wheel alignment is important for safe driving and the longevity of your vehicle. If improper wheel alignment goes without being noticed, it can result in costly services such as replacing your tires or safety major concerns.

Wheel alignment is important for safe driving and the longevity of your vehicle, but it is one of the most overlooked service procedures. Improper wheel alignment affects steering, turning, suspension, and the tire’s performance and tread’s longevity.

Wheel alignment should be monitored regularly because inadvertent actions such as driving on pot holes and unpaved roads, bumping the curbs or concrete parking stalls can put force on your tires therefore throwing off alignment right away.

Here are five signs your car needs a wheel alignment:


Does your vehicle feel like it is getting pulled to one side of the road when you’re driving on a smooth road? This is a telltale sign that your vehicle is in need of a wheel alignment service.

Whacky Wheel

The car’s emblem on your steering wheel should be perfectly horizontal when driving straight. If the wheel needs to be held at an angle in order to drive straight, your vehicle needs immediate attention from a Service Advisor.

Tread WearTire Tread

Uneven tread wear is an easy way of telling your wheel alignment is incorrect. Look for uneven worn out treads on either side of your tires. If you notice uneven tread wear, your tires may be inflated incorrectly or a wheel alignment service may be due.

Turn, Return

After a turn, does your steering wheel smoothly return into the proper position? If your wheel feels sluggish or loose, it is a sign that your vehicle is due for a wheel alignment service.


The final symptom that your vehicle is in need of a wheel alignment is a shaky steering wheel. If your wheel shakes or vibrates when driving on a smooth straight road, your car may be due for a wheel alignment service.

If your vehicle shows some or all signs of a wheel alignment, make sure to attend to it as soon as possible by trained technicians. Bring it to one of our six dealerships in Vancouver, Burnaby and North Vancouver or contact us today!

Tips on How to Save Money at the Pump

Packing Lightly

Even though gas prices have skyrocketed recently, that doesn’t mean your wallet has to take a hit. Here are few tips on how to save on gas and in turn help the environment too!

Clean the junk out of your trunk

Unnecessary weight can dramatically reduce your fuel efficiency, so it is best to clear your car and trunk of all that junk! When you are going on road trips, make sure to pack as lightly as possible!

Use the recommended grade of motor oilEnergy Conserving

Fuel efficiency can be improved when using the manufacturer’s recommended grade of motor oil. Various oils are specifically created to fit certain models and engines. Look for motor oils that have the description “Energy Conserving” on the American Petroleum Institute (API) Service Symbol to ensure the oil contains friction-reducing additives.

Do not strap cargo onto the roof

Stacking your roof with cargo increases aerodynamic drag, thus causing you to use more gas.. If you need extra room, instead of packing luggage directly onto the rooftop, invest in an aerodynamic rooftop carrier, which is available for purchase at any of Destination Auto Group’s dealerships.

Road Rage

Stay calm and relax

Aggressive driving behaviors such as speeding, rapid acceleration, and abrupt braking can lower fuel efficiency. These behaviours do not only waste gas, they are a safety hazard for you and others driving around you. Keep a calm and alert mindset during your commute and drive at a consistent speed to maximize fuel efficiency on the road.

Maintain tire pressure

It is important to keep tire air pressure at the recommended levels set by manufacturers. A single tire that is underinflated by 2 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) can increase fuel consumption by 1%. Furthermore, driving with underinflated tires can decrease traction and cause uneven wear on tires.

For more information and tips on how to save money at the pump, visit one of our six dealerships or contact us!

Car Accident

What to do After a Car Accident

While being in, or seeing an accident is never something we wish for, knowing what to do can sometimes mean saving a life and/or preventing further injury. At Destination Auto Group we are committed to safety; with this in mind, we are pleased to provide you with some tips on what to do in case you witness or find yourself in a car accident.

What to Do at the Scene of a Car Accident

  1. Stop; Assess Injuries & Call 9-1-1

Check yourself for any injuries – your safety and well-being is the most important. If it’s safe: pull over, get out of your vehicle and call 911. When you feel safe and are mobile, you may exit the vehicle to survey the area of the accident. If in doubt, go to the hospital to get checked to ensure there are no serious injuries.

  1. Exchange Information

Get the names and contact information of anyone else involved in the car accident as well as witnesses. Make sure to gather the following information:

  • Basic Information – time, date and location of accident
  • Other Driver – license #, car make model, insurance details, license plate #
  • Witnesses/Bystanders – Name, phone & email
  • Photos & summary of situation

The ICBC Claims Card is a great tool to use when recording and/or drawing a picture of the accident.

  1. Call Dial-A-Claim

ICBC’s Dial-A-Claim Center is open 24 hours a day and provides you with hassle-free claims service. If you were injured in the accident, a family or friend may report the accident on your behalf. For accidents that happen within the Lower Mainland call 604 520 8222; for everywhere else in BC call 1 800 910 4222.

What to Do After a Car Accident

  1. Watch for Additional Injuries

In some cases you may be injured but not realize it; particularly if you have an internal injury. If you feel anything unusual, see a doctor to ensure no injuries go unnoticed and make sure you take steps to mitigate any injuries that resulted from the accident. For insurance purposes – make sure to create a formal document of all injuries and problematic areas.

Whiplash injuries push up insurance costs

  1. Consider Consulting a Car Accident Lawyer

Some people speak with a lawyer after the accident to ensure they are adequately protected. Lawyers can provide you with knowledge and insight regarding your rights. If you choose to hire a lawyer, your lawyer will be communicating with the other parties – leaving you stress free. Even if you choose not to hire the lawyer, the information they provide allows you to be confident in the decisions you make and assertive when/if a claim needs to be negotiated.

Car accidents can be horrible to be a part of or even to witness, but knowing and maintaining top-of-mind awareness can help you in case an accident does happen!

Prepare Your Car for Summer

5 Tips to Prepare Your Car for the Summer

Summer’s heat, dust and long road trips will take its toll on your car. It’s important to make sure your car is ready for the upcoming summer and all of the fun activities! Here are 5 tips to help prepare your car for the summer!

summer 1

Check the Coolant & Radiator

The summer heat is naturally tough on your car, sitting in traffic or parked outside makes it easy for your vehicle to overheat. If your engine gets too hot, moving metal parts in the engine can start to fuse together cause extreme internal damage. To ensure your car doesn’t overheat, it’s extremely important to ensure your car’s coolant system, pumps, hoses, thermostats and fans are all working properly!

Maintain Your Air Conditioning

Those who have driven through the hot summer weather without air conditioning know the big difference a little cool air can make. A malfunctioning air conditioning unit may be caused by low levels of refrigerant. Not sure if how your air conditioner is working? Bring it in and have one of our Certified Technicians take a look!

Check Your Tires & Brakes

Fresh tires will increase traction, give you better fuel economy and sharpen handling. Don’t enjoy changing tires? All-season tires are a great alternative if you don’t want to use seasonal tires. Brakes are the single most important aspect of your vehicle. Make sure they are checked by a trained technician to ensure brakes and brake pads are 100%.

oil change

Change the Oil & Oil Filter

Clean engine oil keep the metal parts from touching and grinding down the parts. The oil contains several key additives to move dirt particles towards the filters. Manufacturers recommend oil changes every couple of months, it’s important to check oil monthly to make sure the engine runs smoothly.

Create a Roadside Emergency Kit

Some breakdowns may be unavoidable and can result in a trip-wrecker. Save yourself by putting aside the following items for unexpected stops:

  • Jumper cables
  • Water
  • Emergency flares & reflectors
  • Gloves
  • Blanket & towel
  • Flashlight
  • Screwdrivers

Need help getting your car prepared for the summer? Bring your vehicle in to one of our six dealerships and our certified technicians will be more than happy to help you out! Call us at 1.888.599.6993 or visit our website for more information.