2013 Toyota Yaris Review

2013 Toyota Yaris Review

The introduction of the third generation 2013 Toyota Yaris has added a new phase in the success story of the company in the subcompact segment. This hatchback car provides an economical and reliable transportation and is best suited for those willing to purchase a luxury car at economical prices. This Japanese car showcases a perfect combination of comfort, fuel economy, space and traditional touch of the brand. The 2013 Yaris is the result of modifications made in Yaris 2012. The addition of some tweaks to this model has resulted in a highly appreciating ride that can easily fetch a large segment of the market. Available in a 3 or 5 door hatchback and three trim levels, the Yaris offers something excellent to the customers.

Salient Features

The Yaris is available in three trim levels including, L, Le and SE (sport tuned). The L trim is a low price model comprising of standard equipment, electric power steering, power door-locks, power assisted front disc brakes, USB connectivity and air conditioning. The L model comprises of some impressive features like a six speaker stereo system supported by HD radio, Bluetooth and hands-free phone calling. Another trim level LE is value packed with power mirrors, keyless entry, cruise control, driver auto down and Engine immobilizer. The most amazing level introduced by the company is the SE level that is sport tuned. It comprises of outstanding features similar to that of a sports car. These features include a quick ratio steering wheel with 15-16 inch tires wrapped in 50R16/ P195 tires. It offers more comfort to the driver and is equipped with both rear and front disc brakes.

Dazzling exteriors

The exteriors of the 2013 Toyota Yaris will surely make you fall in love with this car. The make of the body is similar to that of 2012 Yaris. The new one is comprised of 16 inch alloy tires with smoked headlamps, fog lights, rear spoiler and power side viewing mirrors.



The interiors of the cars are designed to offer a high level of comfort to the drivers as well as passengers. With leather strapped seats, manual windows, folding seats, soft touch dashboard and cruise control it makes for a fun ride! Other impressive features include air conditioning, power locks and a CD stereo supported by iPod connectivity.


The 2013 Toyota Yaris is provided with a 1.5 liter engine supported by four cylinders. It produces a torque of 103 pound feet and makes 106 horsepower. The fuel economy is superb with 38 mpg on highway and 30 mpg in the city. The automatic four-speed or five-speed manual transmission enhances the performance of the vehicle.


2013 Toyota Yaris is well-equipped with standard safety measures and includes nine airbags, Electronic stability system, Star Safety System, Traction Control, Vehicle Stability Control, Electronic Brake-Force Distribution, Brake Assist, Stop Technology and brake override system. The brake assist feature is capable enough to bring the car to halt no matter how fast it’s going.

Final Verdict

The 2013 Toyota Yaris is a complete package of outstanding features and is also pocket friendly. The modifications made in the 2012 model of the Yaris have led to the development of an outstanding model meeting the needs of the riders.


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