2013 Honda Pilot Review

2013 Honda Pilot

2013 Honda Pilot Review

The Honda Pilot is a strong SUV crossover, which is specially engineered for durability and quality, in addition to high levels of comfort and functionality. The completely independent suspension and unit body construction will surely offer you a more crisp and predictable driving experience. We can easily say that Honda 2013 Pilot is a class apart due to the number of SUV benefits that it offers you. Pilot helps you avail the best of both worlds as it offers you amazing functionality and styling features.

Why will you love this car?

In case you are in search of a fuel-efficient car with some space for about 8 passengers then 2013 Pilot is a name you can trust upon. The interior controls and reliability of this car is going to take you far when it comes to great driving experience.

What’s new in this car?

This car comes with a 3-zone automatic climate control, 8-inch multi – information display, Bluetooth connectivity with a great backup camera that is going to help you with backing out of those tight spots.

What about the driving impressions?

Despite the body size of 2013 Pilot, it drives and rides very similar to a huge sedan. Its taut suspension limits the body squat, dive and roll. The car is firm enough to keep you in place even when the roads are not pretty good. The Pilot SUV is really comfortable and satisfactory in terms of performance and driving.

Top Rated Features

Standard Rear-Camera Display

Standard Rear Camera Display is a great feature that helps you in reversing your car in really tight quarters. You can easily use this rear camera display as it offers you plenty of benefits. The 8-inch display is clear enough to blow your mind away.

Versatile 2nd-Row Seating

The 2013 Pilot comes with 60/40 split second row seats that recline and slide in to accommodate all the passengers. The car’s child safety system really helps you in availing the benefits of this car.

Some general information regarding car

  • 3.5-liter V6
  • 250 horsepower @ 5,700 rpm
  • 253 lb-ft of torque @ 4,800 rpm
  • EPA city/highway fuel efficiency: 18/25 mpg (rear-wheel drive), 17/24 mpg (4-wheel drive)

The price of this car is about 30, 000 dollars which is quite good. This car is filled with plenty of top class features that are going to make your driving experience a smooth one.

2013 Honda Pilot cargo space

 2013 Honda Pilot interior


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