2012 Honda Civic Hybrid Review

One of the most significant changes for the 2012 Hybrid is the next generation (Third-Gen) internal combustion engine. The all new engine is capable of displacing 1.5 liters, while producing 97 pound feet torque and 90 horsepower. Though horsepower is 3 ponies less than the second-gen model, the torque figure is8 pound feet more than the earlier 1.3 liter engine. Amid strong new engine and amazing automatic transmission lies a quite strong electric motor. This motor is capable of adding 78 pound feet and 23 horsepower to the mix. Also behind the rear seat is the new lighter and powerful battery pack that makes use of lithium-ion combination rather than nickel-metal hydride.

According to the experts, the 2012 Civic Hybrid has the capability of reaching 43 mph on its own because of the powerful electric motor. The revolutionary ECON button on the dashboard lends a useful hand in relaxing down the throttle, recalibrating the electric system to achieve max efficiency and coerces you to sit in a half dead mode. Once fully charged, the 2012 variant is capable of reaching 60 mph in a matter of 10.1 seconds and can run a quarter mile in about 17.7. It gives the combined fuel economy of 37 mpg, which is somewhat lower than the earlier model.

As expected, the new 2012 Civic Hybrid does not reach the dynamic point, but somehow manages to impress a certain class of society. The vehicle is provided with new 15 inch wheels having low rolling resistance, normally limited to a .77g grip. This enables an amazing 196 ft pass before getting stationary from 70 mph..However, the numb and quick electric steering wheel makes it easy to take sharp turns around the corners. Stylish new grille, aluminum wheels and LED lights add a different accent to the exterior appeal.
Like all the other Civic sedans, the new 2012 Civic Hybrid owns a spacious interior. In comparison to the earlier model, additional elbowroom of 3 inches for front and additional legroom of 2 inches at the rear makes it easy for the riders. Also, with the large greenhouse, the interior cabin feels quite airy and the hard plastics interiors make it look even better.
So, if you are considering purchasing a new sedan, then the 2012 Civic Hybrid might be an ideal option for you.

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