Mazda Sky-Activ Technology Review

Mazda is a quite well known and reputed name in the present automobile industry. Mazda is well known for its technically advanced rides and ultra comfortable riding experience. In order to take the automobile engineering to a whole new level, Mazda has come up with its unique SkyActiv technology. It is not just a pair of engines, transmission or torque convertor. It is a ground breaking and ultra efficient way of engineering modern vehicles. While every other automobile manufacturer will be making electric rides, hybrids or maybe fuel cell cars, Mazda plans to aim at the near future technology of internal combustion. This is why the carmaker came out with one heck of internal combustion process that will work wonders for the future rides.
The gasoline and diesel pair of engines is considered to be one the neatest automobile technologies and is mainly known for the compression ratio. With the help of this technology, the compression rate of 14:1 would be easily achieved. At present, in the gasoline sector, the average compression rate is 10:1. Even the Ferrari 458 Italia has a compression rate of 12.5:1. However, Mazda will be able to deliver 14:1 with the help of SkyActivtechnology. Currently, Mazda will be delivering 12:1 this fall as the 4-2-1 exhaust header will not fit in the current 3.
A high compression ratio will result in pre-ignition and thus will blow innumerable holes in the piston. The 4-2-1 header will manage the backflow and will reduce the temperature to prevent knock. This will in turn help in proper mixing of fuel and air, and will boost the performance. A 15% increase in torque from 1000 RPM to 4000 RPM and same rise in the fuel economy can be experienced while using this technology. The case with diesel engine is a bit different. Diesel generally needs a compression of around 18:1 for efficient operation. But Mazda engineers discovered that lowering the compression ratio to 14:1 facilitates better air and fuel mix and results in complete burning.
Torque is mainly routed to the newer transmissions. The SkyActiv Drive automatic includes a multi-cluthc torque convertor for quick and often locking. SkyActiv MT manual includes a short throw shifter and ultra efficient torque routing with the help of the gearsets. Some other significant changes include a much lighter and tighter chassis, and more use of aluminum in car suspension. Though the new technology is capable of adding more power, smoothness and comfort to riding experience, it would be even better if the fuel savings were known.
According to Mazda, there are some minor differences between the mileage of 13:1 and 14:1 gasoline engines. If the regular gasoline fuel economy is taken into account, the new technology provides 12-13% more economy. Whether Mazda will be coming up with 13:1 gasoline engines or 14:1 diesels will be an interesting thing to keep a watch on. But, at this point of time, idea of such a ground breaking technology for automobiles is indeed revolutionary. An interesting thing to note is that the cost of the SkyActiv Technology Mazda will be no more than the conventional car technology.
Well, sitting back and waiting for the technology to hit the everyday rides would be the best option for now. Mazda engineers claim that the SkyActic technology engines would be rolled out in late 2012 or early 2013.


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