2013 Dodge Dart Review


With the increasing competition in the automobile industry almost all the companies are continuously active to offer something that is appealing to the customers. Dodge Dart 2013 is the latest addition in the automobile section by Chrysler. This sedan is the successor of Dodge Neon which was launched in the market in 2005. The company is back into the market with some outstanding modifications in the previous Dodge in order to provide something terrific and to the customers. Renovated with catchy commercials and unique styles, the new Dodge offers high performance with comfort and advanced safety tools. The Italian car maker has climbed up the hierarchy and is offering an appealing piece of luxury to car lovers at economical prices.

Style and space

The interiors of the car represent a perfect blend of precision craftsmanship and advanced technology. The dashboard of the car is driver friendly with all the controls that are within the reach of the driver. The seats are designed for providing high level of comfort and are manufactured with soft materials. The interior is spacious providing efficient leg space for the driver as well as the passengers. The 5 passenger car is smartly equipped with infotainment systems, ambient lighting, ten standard airbags, climate control and HID headlamps.

Alluring exteriors

The Dodge Dart 2013measures about 72 inches in width and is around 183.9 inches overall. It runs on a powerful wheelbase of 106.4 inches and is well equipped with disc brakes and strut suspension providing a high level of safety to the driver as well as passengers. It offers various tire and wheel packages of which 18s are the largest.

It showcases a contemporary look with a Dodge’s signature exclusive grille. This grille is more likely designed in an Italian style with tail lights that are like a racetrackfeaturing LED pattern.

Performance and fuel economy

All the models of Dart, SE,Rallye, SX and other Limited models are powered by a four cylinder 2.0 liter engine which produces a torque of 148 pound feet and a power of 160 horsepower. The sedan runs on a standard six speed manual transmission system and is also equipped with a six speed automatic transmission which is optional. The drivers are also provided with an option of advancing the engine with a turbocharged engine of 1.4 liter having the capacity of retaining 2.0 liters producing the same power but an enhanced torque of 184 lb-ft.The R/T model will boast a Tigershark engine which can pump out a torque of 171 lb-ft and 184 HP.

Innovative features of Dart

The tech features are in more demand in the automobile segment and the customers will get something new and advanced in Dodge Dart 2013. The various eye catching and impressive features of this car are floating bezel, a backup camera, touch screen navigation system, advanced climate control system, Sirius Satellite radio, Bluetooth enabled music playback, safety airbags and much more.

Final Verdict

Dodge Dart 2013 possesses a competitive model and is expected to leave behind its competitors with respect to speed and efficiency. This car is expected to catch the attention of most of the customers who are willing to grab a luxuryat cost effective prices.


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