General Service Tips for Chrysler Vehicles

How is your Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, or Ram sounding after the weekend in the woods? Have you noticed the engine light on recently or is your vehicle due for an oil change?

Why not bring it home and have someone who really knows your vehicle have a look at it? At Destination Chrysler in North Vancouver, we stress the importance of timely maintenance and its impact on your vehicle’s longevity.

Our technicians all must meet the requirements of Chrysler Canada’s stringent training to be qualified to work on Chrysler vehicles. We use a vehicle specific maintenance programs to ensure proper work is completed on your vehicle. We offer competitive industry pricing and use only factory approved parts made for your vehicle.

WHY DO WE DO IT? Simply because it doesn’t make sense to break the continuity in your servicing. Doesn’t your Chrysler vehicle deserve the best?

You are looking for a service facility, why bother looking further?

In the following video one of our dedicated Service Advisors offers some information on our oil change service offering:

Visit us at for more information on our Services and how to book an appointment.


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