How to Get Your Car Ready for Spring: Service Tips for Your Hyundai Vehicle

Written By: Destination Hyundai, Vancouver, B.C.

Spring is approaching and you may be ready for the warm weather…  but how ready is your Hyundai vehicle? Three tips on how to get your car ready for spring include checking your Tires, Brakes, and giving your vehicle a good Spring cleaning.

Spring can represent different things to different people, and vehicle maintenance may not always be top of mind. Vancouver’s moderate winters and accessibility to the mountains give us flexibility to choose how and when we want to experience the cold Winter and snowy roads.  However, even slight changes in temperature can actually have major effects on your car. Preparing your car for seasonal changes can save you money, and increase your car’s safety and performance in the long-run.

Here are three tips how to get your Hyundai vehicle ready for the Spring season:

1.            Hibernate your Winter tires

If you installed Winter tires on your car a few months back, remember to switch back to all-season or Summer tires. Winter tires are made from a softer rubber compound suited for temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius, offering greater flexibility and grip. When temperatures rise above this level, it causes accelerated tire wear, something you can easily avoid by ensuring timely removal. So, once the snow is gone, put away those Winter tires!

2.            Give your Hyundai a “brake”

 Slush and salt take their toll on many components of your vehicle, and disc brake mechanisms are some of the most critical parts affected. Winter driving can cause corrosion issues inside the braking system – if you haven’t had your car’s brakes checked in the last year, now is the perfect time to do so. Your Destination Hyundai Service Advisor can ensure that the brake caliper sliders are moving freely and are well lubricated. If these stick or seize, they can cause a hard brake pedal and accelerated lining wear.

3.            Get your car detailed

Winter conditions can do significant damage to both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. A common problem involves a buildup of salt under the car. A good detailing of your Hyundai should include both cleaning of the salt and a good engine shampoo. You can do some detailing conveniently at home, such as vacuuming and cleaning of the trunk; other jobs such as waxing, paint correction, and engine shampooing should be done by a professional Service Advisor.

With Spring just around the corner, now is an ideal time to take a good look at your vehicle. By following the above three tips, you can enhance your vehicle’s safety, improve performance, and make your car look great at the same time!

Destination Hyundai’s  YouTube video offers additional advice on these three Spring vehicle maintenance tips from Destination Hyundai’s Service Manager.

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  1. Nicole stanley says:

    Once you’ve identified that your tyres need replacing, you can hunt down the size code, which is found on the tire, or in the owner’s manual. This code is very important and will make sure you buy the right size tire for your car.

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