5 Reasons Why You Gotta Love the All-New 2013 Honda Civic

Written By: Kingsway Honda Staff, Vancouver, B.C.

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For those who haven’t considered purchasing a Honda Civic, Honda’s got a surprise for you! This year, Honda has showed the world that multi-nationals in fact do hear the customer, and not only that, they act! Introducing the brand new 2013 Honda Civic, re-designed inside and out but familiar enough to retain the features that made it a consistent top seller in 2012 in the compact car market. With all the thought that Honda has put into the new 2013 Civic, it is no surprise that the Civic has been Canada’s bestselling car for the 15th year straight!

Here are 5 reasons why you gotta love the 2013 Honda Civic. 

1. Bold Style:

Significant styling changes compared to the 2012 Honda Civic are prevalent in both the exterior and interior of this year’s model. With major front and rear styling revisions, this model is definitely sophisticated. In terms of performance, it is both sharper in handling with its re-tuned steering, and more comfortable to ride as a result of a chassis revision, and noise isolation advancements such as thicker windshields and added insolation. In addition, a variety of features such as Bluetooth streaming audio, text message functionality, and rear view camera, now come standard in most models. In comparison to the 2012 model, the interior cabin of the 2013 Civic has been upgraded with better upholstery for greater comfort and an improved look.

2. Antitheft improvements:

Over the years, the Civic has experienced drastic improvements in its Immobilizer Theft-Deterrent System. In essence, the vehicle cannot be stolen without possession of the original key—the engine cannot be started without this key, as each key has the antitheft immobilizer system built into it complete with a microchip inside. Furthermore, key cuts can only be done with presentation of the driver’s vehicle registration at the dealership. Kingsway Honda’s Sales Advisor Glenn discusses Honda’s antitheft mechanisms in a recent video interview shot by Connor Denoon for BCIT:

3. Reliability and Safety –The 2013 Civic comes re-engineered with a next generation Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) body structure, which is re-designed to increase protection and displace more of impact forces in a frontal collision. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) gave a positive rating to the Civic Sedan, and named it the 2013 Top Safety Pick in the compact car segment. Watch the crash testing here: 

More information on the IIHS review can be found at: IIHS Ratings – 2013 Honda Civic.

In addition to its safety features, one of the Civic’s strongest selling features is its low maintenance cost. Even an older model with fairly high gas mileage manages to drive well, despite years of wear and tear.

4. Resale value: 

One of the most attractive aspects of this vehicle is that it consistently considered one of the top vehicles for resale value. The 2013 Civic (which placed in the top 10), and the Civic Si model won awards for Best Resale Value from Kelley Blue Book.

5. Fuel consumption:

Efficiency and value are the Civic’s winning combination. Its 1.8-liter (2.4-liter in the Civic Si) four cylinder engine  remains unchanged from the previous year. The dashboard “ECON” button (Eco Assist™ system) allows drivers to experience greater fuel efficiency. The Civic was also recently named on the Green Car Journal’s Top 10 Green Car Technology List for 2013.

The 2013 Honda Civic has once again proved it is a true winner. With its bold new look, unbeatable value in price and fuel efficiency, driving performance, and safety assurance, what more could any driver ask for?

Visit us at www.kingswayhonda.ca to learn more!

2013 Honda Civic Quick Facts:

Models Civic Coupe, Civic Sedan, Civic Coupe Si, Civic Sedan Si, and Civic Hybrid
Price Range (depending on model & trim) $16,935 – $27685
Engine 1.8-liter four cylinder, 16 valve engine, 140 Horsepower, 128 pound feet of torque;Civic Si: 2.4-liter four cylinder, 201 hp, 170 lb-ft torque
Transmission 5-speed manual/automatic transmission;Civic Si: 6 speed manual/automatic transmission

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