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The Honda Story | What Makes a Honda a Honda?

You drive a Honda, so you already know that Hondas are reliable, stylish and super safe. But what has Honda done behind the scenes to make its brand so successful in Canada and globally?

Soichiro Honda

Soichiro Honda

Honda Worldwide strives on maintaining the Three Joys: selling, buying and creating, as well as manufacturing high quality products for its customers at a reasonable price. With a focus on developing cheap and versatile vehicles, Honda was established by Soichiro Honda in 1948 in Toyko. By strapping an engine onto a bicycle, Honda was one of innovative pioneers behind personal locomotion. Honda expanded to Canada in 1969 and since then, it has strived to maintain the highest standards of design, fuel economy and safety. Motivated by this philosophy, Honda has consistently produced award-winning vehicles and products that have earned it a strong reputation in the global automotive industry.

With humble beginnings, producing just one vehicle model in 1969, Honda Canada now manufactures seven different models in several Canadian manufacturing plants. True to its mission, Honda Canada uses top quality parts sourced from Canadian suppliers – and in some cases, components and parts including those that go into its engines and frames are also made from recycled materials. Each vehicle also goes through a specific welding process performed by highly refined and programmable robots. Once a vehicle is assembled, it undergoes a test drive and safety inspection to ensure full functionality and is fine tuned for optimized performance.

Honda Accord

Over the years, Honda has made significant technological advances towards designing eco-friendly vehicles. In 1972, Honda debuted the CVCC (Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion) engine, which allowed Honda vehicles to meet the United States Clean Air Act. Not only was this innovation emissions-reducing, but it eliminated the need for a catalytic converter, which also reduced the vehicles price tag. Following the introduction of CVCC engines, Honda designed the VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control) engine in 1989 which increased power and further reduced fuel consumption. The company released their very first hybrid vehicle, the Insight, in 1999.

Many Honda vehicles such as the Civic, CR-V and newly redesigned Accord have won numerous awards, including most fuel-efficient car for several consecutive years and AGL Residual Value Award. In 2009 Honda was named one of Canada’s “50 Most Socially Responsible Corporations” by Maclean’s Magazine.

Honda Canada has also made a tremendous contribution to Canadian society: it proudly employs over 19,000 Canadians, supports Canadian-based suppliers ($1.1 billion in good purchased) and exports its products to the US, Mexico, Chinese and South American markets.The video below which showcases manufacturing at Honda was produced for Honda Manufacturing’s 25th Anniversary in Canada:

Honda also recognizes the importance of environmental sustainability, and has launched various initiatives to help reduce its carbon footprint. Honda’s Blue Skies for Our Children initiative promotes sustainability through development of technologies that have minimize impact on the environment. Honda Canada is also headquartered in a LEED-Gold building (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) in Markham, Ontario.

The combination of Honda’s capability of producing high-quality vehicles, while maintaining a position that supports preservation of the environment has won over the trust of thousands of Canadians. We at Kingsway Honda, a part of the Destination Auto Group, believe in the principles and values that Honda stands for – right from the vehicles they produce to their support of the environment – and are proud to be one of Vancouver’s franchised Honda retailers.

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