How to Dog-Proof Your Vehicle

Dogs are great driving companions, but they can also be very messy, leaving hair and slobber all over your car. Nonetheless, if you love to take your dog around with you, don’t let its messiness stop you. In this article we will give you some tips on how to dog-proof your car and avoid the chaos.
First of all you should always keep a small cleaning kit in your car, just in case. The kit should contain a bottle of upholstery cleaner, glass cleaner, air freshener, paper tower, lint rollers and a few bottles of water. It will all come handy when you need to refresh and clean up your car. Before putting your dog in the car, you should first spray down the interior fabrics with a water-repellent solution. This product adds a coat to the fabrics, which makes it easy to clean them. Make sure you use this spray every couple months.
In order to protect the seats from scratches, drool and dog hair, the best solution is to install waterproof seat covers and shake them out once a week. To be able to protect the floor of the car, a set of floor liners or weather/rubber mats will do nicely. To prevent drool residue on windows, cover the windows with plastic wrap. This way, you won’t have to clean them after each trip; just peel off the plastic wrap and your windows will be clean.


Occasionally the seat covers will have dog hair all over, and sometimes is hard to remove it with lint rollers. In this case, a good vacuuming will work wonders. If you find yourself in this situation and need a great solution, come see our product advisors who can show you how innovative features of the all new 2014 Honda Odyssey and its built-in vacuum can help you along. We know you love your dog, and your dog loves you too. Give your dog all the benefits of riding with his or her loved ones by dog-proofing your car, and enjoying the ride together!
2014-honda-odyssey-interior-hondaVAC-d (1) 2014-honda-odyssey-interior-hondaVAC-c 2014-honda-odyssey-interior-hondaVAC-b2014-honda-odyssey-interior-hondaVAC-a
2014 Honda Odyssey-interior (built-in vacuum)

One thought on “How to Dog-Proof Your Vehicle

  1. Jullian Regina says:

    We started spraying the interior carpet and upholstery with scotch-guard water proofing formula. It worked great! As long as “stains” can’t stain, they actually aren’t stains at all! As for the smell, Febreze it! Find your best smelling Febreze and go to town!!

    Awesome post, love dogs!


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