Destination Chrysler North Vancouver at the Annual Squamish Day Loggers Sports Festival

DSCF3558 The annual Squamish Day Loggers Sports festival raised participants’ pulses – as well as thousands of dollars for local good causes.  Hundreds of people of all ages joined the five-day family extravaganza, taking part in a 10k run; chair carving contest and wacky bed races.

Fueled by a pancake breakfast, novice and intermediate loggers opened the stage, preceding two world-class logger’s sports shows featuring competitors from around the globe.

Among the attractions on offer for younger visitors during the sun-drenched August event – sponsored by Destination Chrysler North Vancouver – was a colorful parade. Those taking part included local band Zombies Locker, featuring Destination Chrysler’s Senior Sales Manager, Enzo Milia as the drummer of the band. Zombies Locker members are from Squamish and have being playing together for over 5 years. During the parade the band played a variety of original and covers songs to a roaring audience. People were dancing along the way and having fun. Some even approached the band asked about upcoming shows and where they sell their records.

DSCF3567 DSCF3578

In addition to the band, the Destination Auto Group team also had Enzo’s  6 year-old son cruise down the street at the wheel of a mini jeep, one of several vehicles provided by Destination Chrysler for the Festival.

The festival, now in its 56th year, aims to showcase Squamish’s rich heritage and vibrant community spirit. Squamish Days is a non-profit organisation and proceeds from the festival are donated back to the community.

Destination Chrysler North Vancouver was pleased to participate in such an outstanding community event and was touched by the warmth and hospitality of the Squamish community!

DSCF3589 DSCF3586  DSCF3564 DSCF3553


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