Destination Auto Group offers the CarProof Advantage

Ever have that feeling like you’ve been led-on to make a purchase without knowing ALL the details? At Destination Auto Group we take transparency very seriously—in fact, this is how we measure our success. Not only are our Pre-Owned Sales Teams trained to research and identify the best pre-owned vehicles on the market for our customers, but all our dealerships are Dealer Members of CarProof, Canada’s top provider of vehicle history reports.

What is a CarProof report?

CarProof reports offer full insight into the lifetime of a pre-owned vehicle, and promote the highest level of transparency between the buyer and seller. Data collected and used for the reports are curated from the widest range of sources, including CarProof’s vast North American database and network, police reports, and insurance claims companies, among others, and the product is a comprehensive, impartial, accurate and real-time report of the vehicle’s history.

There are several types of reports, including: Claims (and Claims BC), Verified (and Verified BC), and Quickproof. Click here to see more details.

The most comprehensive “Verified” report provides the following details:

  • Vehicle details
  • Report details (date of report, sources and completeness of information)
  • Summary (snapshot of any records that may exist about the vehicle)
  • Report findings (vehicle’s life and records)
  • Accident/collision report (compiled from estimate facilities, and police reports)
  • Lein status (any legal claims on the vehicle)
  • Where the vehicle has been registered and status in jurisdictions
  • Stolen vehicle check (if the vehicle was registered as stolen by a previous owner)
  • Import/export record (if the vehicle has cross national boundaries)
  • US Search for vehicle records (if the vehicle has any records in the USA)

CarProof sample report

How can you be sure the information is accurate?

Vehicle data collection is driven by the VIN (Vehicle Information Number), which is essentially like a car’s fingerprint. Virtually impossible to fabricate or alter, the VIN provides authorities, agencies, insurance companies, dealerships, etc. a standard method for vehicle identification.

Peace of mind comes standard with every Pre-Owned vehicle from Destination Auto Group

All of our staff at Destination value the relationships we establish with our customers. To achieve this we actively pursue a simple, seamless and transparent purchase process. A CarProof report comes standard with every Pre-Owned vehicle we sell, and with it, the peace of mind that your vehicle is safe.

For any questions about CarProof reports please visit us or contact your nearest Destination Auto Group dealership today.


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