Pink Shirt Day

Bullying has become a major issue in schools, workplaces and over the internet. Unfortunately, children, teens and adults have all experienced or will experience some form of bullying in their lifetime. Pink Shirt Day is a campaign that raises awareness to the issue of bullying. On Wednesday, February 26th 2014, wear PINK to support anti-bullying and come together as a community and say NO to bullying.

Join Destination Toyota in bringing awareness to the issue of bullying in today’s society. John Giuliano, Vice President & CFO and Jeff Polo, Assistant General Manager at Destination Toyota share a few words and thoughts on Pink Shirt Day and the issue of bullying.

What does Pink Shirt Day mean to you?

 JohnGiuliano TOYOJohn – Pink Shirt Day relates to anti-bullying, this initiative brings awareness to bullying in schools, workplaces and the digital world.

Jeff – Bringing awareness to the serious issue of bullying. Not just in schools, but in a society as a whole.

Why do you support Pink Shirt Day?

John – Cyber bullying is a huge part of today’s society that has extreme consequences and needs to be brought to everyone’s attention. Social media has made everyone vulnerable to cyber bullying – especially teens. Having a daughter in school brings this initiative closer to my heart. It’s paramount to talk about this issue
and end bullying.

JeffPolo TOYOJeff – All one has to do is look around. People bully each other regularly without realizing and it starts when they’re young. On the roads, when they cut people off; in stores, reaching over someone to take something; or just talking over someone is bullying. If everyone becomes conscious of their behavior that unconsciously encourages bullying, we can evoke change.

Why do you think Destination Toyota should support Pink Shirt Day?

John – Pink Shirt Day is an excellent program that brings awareness to importance of anti-bullying that affects everyone. At Destination Toyota, we value the individuals that work with us and the community we work in. We strive to create a positive work environment free of bullying.

Jeff – Destination Toyota is very involved with the community organizations; this initiative is tantamount to changing people’s opinions. Also the topic as a whole is forefront in people’s minds and ripe for that change. Could there not be a more stereotypical place to support this than a Car Dealership?

Come to Destination Toyota on Wednesday, February 26th 2014 to help put an end to bullying. For more details on Pink Shirt Day, contact us at Destination Toyota or visit Pink Shirt Day’s website at


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