Prepare Your Car For Spring

The sight of beautiful flowers and the smell of fresh air looms as Spring is about to blossom. Just like we prepared our vehicles for the harsh winter weather, it’s important to prepare them for transition into wet, Spring weather. Here are some tips to get your car ready for Spring showers!

Give your car a “brake” 

The snow, slush and salts from the past winter can cause corrosion issues inside the braking system. To ensure this doesn’t happen, you Service Advisor can check to make sure the brake caliper sliders are moving freely and are well lubricated. Not sure how to check for corrosion? Bring it down to the dealership and we’ll make sure your brakes are working smoothly! tire

Take your all-season tires out of hibernation 

If you switched to winter tires, make sure to switch back to all-season or summer tires. The treads on all-season and summer tires are specifically designed to give you the best traction on spring and summer roads. Need help switching those winter tires out? Come down to the dealership and we’ll do it for you!

Detail your car inside and out

Winter conditions can also cause significant damage to both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. It’s important to chisel off those layers and damaging winter salt – especially under the car. Detailing, cleaning, polishing, protecting and thoroughly cleaning the interior and exterior will have your car looking as good as new and increase the longevity of it. Don’t have time? Swing by the dealership and we’ll get it down for you!


With Spring fast approaching, it’s the best time to transition out of the cold winter and make sure your car is ready to shine! For more information on how to prepare your vehicle for spring, swing by any one of our six dealerships or contact one of our trusted Service Advisors. To learn more about our services, visit out website at!


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