Toyota Evergreen

Toyota has teamed up with Evergreen; a national non-profit organization looking to inspire cities to go green. Their vision of green cities and a healthy planet combined with their values of collaboration, innovation, accountability and a systems approach that allows them to enables cities to lead a greener lifestyle.


In 2000, Toyota partnered with Evergreen and created the Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds program.  They both shared the desire to create sustainable cities by planting greens and transforming barren school grounds into natural environments.

Over the past decade, Toyota has contributed over 6 million into the Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds. This amazing initiative has been able to:

  • Transform over 3,000 school grounds
  • Provided outdoor learning opportunities to over 1.4 million students across Canada
  • Held 1,000 workshops that reached over 36,000 teachers, educators and designers to promote and implement outdoor classrooms and natural learning spaces.


Assistant General Manager, Jeff Polo at Destination Toyota and the Marketing Team had the honor of helping Moscrop Secondary School and Forest Group Elementary School in Burnaby transform their schools into green grounds. Their plans for a sustainable green environment for the next generation can be realized thanks to the Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds Program.

For more information on the Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds initiative, visit


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