Women at Work in Vancouver

Destination Auto Group is proud to support a number of global initiatives, including International Women’s Day on March 8th. Around the world, Women’s Day is celebrated irrespective of religion, cultural background and ethnicity and unlike any other day, it brings the world together to recognize the economic, political and social triumphs towards equal rights for women.

The theme for each year changes as the United Nations focuses on different aspects of equality for women. This year, International Women’s Day focused on Inspiring Change; for greater awareness, for equal recognition of women in arts, for growth of women-owned businesses, for increased financial independence, for more women in science, engineering and technology and for fairer recognition of women in sport. Over the years, women have made enormous efforts in achieving equality in modern day society – especially in the workplace, and the auto industry is no exception.


Inspiring Change at Destination

At Destination Auto Group, we directly attribute our accomplishments to the wonderful people in our company. We are meticulously focused on creating an environment that nurtures teamwork and professional development among all our associates. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, we are pleased to highlight the accomplishments of two outstanding members of the Destination family, and share how they inspire change through the work they do:

Dorothy, Service Business Development Supervisor, started with Destination as a Service Appointment Coordinator and over the last few years has become our resident expert on customer processes in the Service Department. According to her, “auto is traditionally known as a male-dominated industry, and a common misperception is that females are not knowledgeable about the mechanical aspects of vehicles. In my experience, working at Destination has been great – I do not feel or notice any gender inequalities and have a great working relationship with my counterparts in Service and Parts.” Dorothy currently manages  an expanding team, who she inspires through her strong work ethic and dedication.

Young, who joined Destination nearly three years ago, has quickly emerged as one of the top three Product Advisors in the entire group. In her words, “management is very supportive. They provide an enabling environment, and all necessary training and tools that help us succeed.” As an integral member of the sales team, Young’s drive to exceed expectations and compassion towards everyone around her makes her an amazing mentor and role model for new staff and women interested in the automotive industry.

To learn more about International Women’s Day, visit their website at www.internationalwomensday.com. For more information about the community engagement initiatives of Destination Auto Group, click here


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