Chris Tanev & Destination Auto Group

Kingsway Honda Vancouver and Chris Tanev have partnered up for some exciting new projects! Chris Tanev is a great leader and inspiration to our community. Kingsway Honda Vancouver recognizes the importance of daily physical activity for the overall health and development of kids. We asked Tanev a few questions about the all-new 2014 Honda line-up and his thoughts of the past season and current events. IMG_9914

Q: Which model do you like best in the current Honda line-up?

CT: The Honda Accord is a stunning vehicle that combines affordability and a luxurious feel.

Q: What do you think about Trevor Linden as the new Canucks President?

CT: Trevor Linden will be an astounding president to the Vancouver Canucks because he’s been an integral part of the team’s history. His strong ties to the community, past leadership roles as a hockey player are important characteristics for a president position of the Canucks.

Q: What is it like working with John Torts this past season?

CT: Working with Torts was an amazing experience over the past season. My game evolved throughout and I definitely have Torts to thank for that.


Catch Chris Tanev on the radio on News1130, QMFM, Team1040, JackFM and more!

For more information about our partnership with Chris Tanev, visit our website or contact us at 368 Kingsway, Vancouver.

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