Summer Kit: Getting Your Car Road-trip & Season Ready

Road Trip

Whether you’re planning a camping trip with friends up the Sunshine Coast, or a family weekend in the BC interior, keep safe and well prepared with these car tips courtesy of the staff at Destination Auto Group:

1. Check under the hood – before you go, have your local dealer check your air conditioning (especially the filters), battery and oil levels, and rotate/change to your summer or all-season tires. This will both increase fuel efficiency and keep your axels healthy.

2. Prepare yourself in case you get lost or stranded – always keep water and food items stocked before you go. This can be as simple as a few water bottles and some nuts, granola bars or non-perishable food items. Keep a first aid kit, rain gear and blanket on hand in case the weather turns unexpectedly.

3. In case of emergency repair – ensure you have an extra working spare tire, and a small tool kit with basic supplies such as screw drivers, fuses, and jumper cables to get yourself going again.

Driving in the summer

Maximize the fun and uptime of your summer trips by making sure you are always prepared for whatever comes your way.

Visit us at one of our six dealerships in North Vancouver, Vancouver, or Burnaby to get your car checked-up and ready for the road!

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