Maintenance Tips from Service Managers

Top Tips from Destination Hyundai’s Service Manager

Robert DentMeet Rob Dent. Rob has over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry and joined the Destination Family in 1995. When Rob isn’t working, you’ll find him travelling or playing sports such as ice hockey and softball.

With all that experience, Robert has seen just about everything related to your vehicle’s service and maintenance. To keep your car in top shape, Lee recommends below his top maintenance to-do’s:

1. Check your batteries

Signs of a trouble battery are loose, corroded, swollen cables, dirty or wet battery top, leaking or damaged battery case.  Not sure how to fix or replace a batter? Bring it into the dealership and our trained technicians will help you out!

2. Cooling System Service

With the summer heat, maintaining your vehicle’s cooling system will stop your car from overheating. Check the radiator hoses and belts to ensure they’re not worn or cracked and ensure coolant fluids are at the proper levels. Consult your car manual for the location of the radiator hoses and belts.

3. Injection Cleaning

With the help with our service department, an injection cleaning service can be performed to dissolve the carbon deposits build up in the injector nozzles of a vehicle. The deposits interfere with the flow of fuel therefore negatively affect fuel economy and engine performance.  This is especially important for older vehicles.

4. Tire Treads

Observing your tire treads is important to ensure the vehicle is safe and easy to handle. When tire treads decrease, traction between tires and the road decreases; making it harder to handle the vehicle and driving may become hazardous.   Your tires have built in sunken “wear bars” in between the treads. When tread surface becomes level with the “wear bars”, it is an indicator to replace your tires.

5. Regular Maintenance

Many will agree that not maintaining your vehicle can destroy even the best engines on today’s market. Schedule regular maintenance appointments to ensure your vehicle is performing its best. Our trained technicians may catch something that you may have overlooked.

Have more questions? Is there anything else you`d like to know about? Visit Rob at Destination Hyundai, 445 Kingsway, Vancouver or email him at


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