Tips on How to Save Money at the Pump

Packing Lightly

Even though gas prices have skyrocketed recently, that doesn’t mean your wallet has to take a hit. Here are few tips on how to save on gas and in turn help the environment too!

Clean the junk out of your trunk

Unnecessary weight can dramatically reduce your fuel efficiency, so it is best to clear your car and trunk of all that junk! When you are going on road trips, make sure to pack as lightly as possible!

Use the recommended grade of motor oilEnergy Conserving

Fuel efficiency can be improved when using the manufacturer’s recommended grade of motor oil. Various oils are specifically created to fit certain models and engines. Look for motor oils that have the description “Energy Conserving” on the American Petroleum Institute (API) Service Symbol to ensure the oil contains friction-reducing additives.

Do not strap cargo onto the roof

Stacking your roof with cargo increases aerodynamic drag, thus causing you to use more gas.. If you need extra room, instead of packing luggage directly onto the rooftop, invest in an aerodynamic rooftop carrier, which is available for purchase at any of Destination Auto Group’s dealerships.

Road Rage

Stay calm and relax

Aggressive driving behaviors such as speeding, rapid acceleration, and abrupt braking can lower fuel efficiency. These behaviours do not only waste gas, they are a safety hazard for you and others driving around you. Keep a calm and alert mindset during your commute and drive at a consistent speed to maximize fuel efficiency on the road.

Maintain tire pressure

It is important to keep tire air pressure at the recommended levels set by manufacturers. A single tire that is underinflated by 2 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) can increase fuel consumption by 1%. Furthermore, driving with underinflated tires can decrease traction and cause uneven wear on tires.

For more information and tips on how to save money at the pump, visit one of our six dealerships or contact us!


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