Importance of an Oil Change

Regular and timely oil changes are more than just a typical maintenance; they play a significant role to the health of your engine. Changing your oil frequently will keep your engine running optimally in the long run.

Motor oil is used in cars to lubricate the instruments in the engine. When the oil in your vehicle breaks down, it loses its ability to lubricate efficiently. A well lubricated engine keeps the moving parts from grinding against each other which prevents serious damages to your vehicle.

Another benefit of an oil change is to prevent your engine from overheating.  Since the engine creates a high volume of heat, clean oil helps draw away the heat and cools it down. An overheated engine does not function effectively and can lead to dangerous consequences.

Here are few tips to help you determine when to change your oil:

  1. Refer to the car owner’s manual – it outlines what services your vehicle needs and when they are recommended
  2. Refer to the odometer –  oil gets dirtier more quickly as you drive more
  3. Monitor your driving conditions – stopping frequently, transporting heavy cargo, driving in extreme cold, hot, or humid weather are all stressors for you engine and oil
  4. Consult a qualified technician – every car is unique so seek a professional opinion at Destination Auto Group

Do not underestimate the importance of timely oil changes. Putting off your regular oil changes will cause your engine to wear faster. Keep in mind that maintaining regular oil changes is a lot cheaper than changing your engine.

Want to find out more? Book a service appointment or to talk to one of our knowledgeable Service Advisor by visiting our dealerships below or directly contact us here.

Destination Chrysler
1600 Marine Drive,
North Vancouver, BC
Service: (604) 990-4364
Destination Toyota
4451 Still Creek Dr,
Burnaby, BC
Service: (604) 571-4399
Kingsway Honda
368 Kingsway,
Vancouver, BC
Service: (604) 874-6632
Destination Hyundai
445 Kingsway,
Vancouver, BC
Service: (604) 292-8190
Destination Mazda
1595 Boundary Rd,
Vancouver, BC
Service: (604) 291-9666
Destination Honda
4780 Hastings Street,
Burnaby, BC
Service: (604) 294-6632

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