6 Ideas to Fix Squeaky Wipers

In Vancouver, BC rain is a way of life and working windshield wipers, a necessity. When it’s not raining you don’t think about your wipers, however, when the rain drops start forming on your winshield, and you turn on the wipers, you are instantly reminded about their health. When they are squeaking, the sound will have you turning up the music to drown it out. Before you reach for the headache cures, here are a few tips to help you fix squeaky blades.



Inspect Your Wiper Blades

Take a good look at the rubber blade, are there any rips, dents, or pieces missing?  Make sure that the blade is connecting with the window along its length and that it can move side to side with ease. If it has been over a year since you last replaced them, consider investing in new ones.

Clean Your Windshield

There may be a build up of grime on the windshield or the blade that is preventing the connection of the two to work smoothly. Get out the window cleaner of your choice and wipe the windshield down.

If you have added any wax polish to the windshield, it may be causing the blade connection to slip. Removing any film will help the performance of your blades.

Soften the Blades

The blades themselves may be getting a bit stiff and unable to move side to side properly. Use rubbing alcohol to help soften the blades so they can connect better with the window. You can use WD-40, but keep in mind that oil based lubricants will degrade the rubber blades, best to stick with cleaner methods.

Fill Your Windshield Washer Fluid

It only takes a bit of extra time when you are at the gas station to buy a bottle of Windshield Washer fluid and fill up the reservoir under your hood. The fluid is a mix of water, alcohol, and ammonia to keep the glass clean. It also keeps your blades healthy, so don’t skimp on using the liquid to help keep the windshield clean.

To fill the reservoir you will need to lift the hood of your car and find the cap with the windshield washer symbol on it, make sure you get the right one.

If you can, get a funnel to help keep spilling to a minimum and pour the liquid into the translucent tank until it comes up to the maximum indicator line. Don’t put in too much.

Adjust the Assembly

Sometimes the wiper assembly will become loose and cause the blade to disconnect from the windshield. Check the joints and small screws to make sure they are tight enough to put the correct amount of pressure on the blade, but not too tight.

Replace the Assembly

The rubber blades should be replaced once a year for optimum performance. However after time, the whole assembly may need to be replaced to keep the right amount of pressure on the blade. Inspect the assembly to see if it has become warped or bent from snow and ice during the winter months.


Your car’s maintenance is important for it’s long term health and safety. If your wiper blades are causing you trouble and you would like to talk to a professional about it, call Destination Auto Group.

Destination Toyota Burnaby             1 (888) 619-7629
Destination Honda Burnaby             
1 (877) 698-0914
Destination Honda Kingsway           
1 (877) 855-1048
Destination Mazda Vancouver         
1 (866) 942-0009
Destination Chrysler Jeep Dodge    
1 (866) 810-5171








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