Gita Amiri: Financial Services Manager At Destination Chrysler North Vancouver


Delivering best in class is no easy feat, but Gita Amiri, Financial Services Manager at Destination Chrysler North Vancouver has found a way.

During her 8+ years in the automotive industry Gita sees her biggest accomplishment as the long term relationships she’s built through industry connections and a positive customer experience with her guests and team members. As a Financial Services Manager Gita’s role involves a wide range of responsibilities which include coordinating with various lending institutions to help her guests secure financing and leasing terms, advising on extended warranties, aftermarket products, and explaining manufacturer and dealership sale procedures and policies and much more.

Her journey began as a Sales Advisor at Dueck GM. Through positivity, patience and a desire to learn, she successfully advanced in her career to roles that include Sales Manager, Lease Manager and now Financial Services Manager. Advising other women who aspire to successful careers in Automotive, she says “always keep a positive attitude and take actions into your own hands. All you can do is be the best at what you do – that means being proactive, understanding what your guests and colleagues need, and doing everyday whatever you can to help.”

With hopes to one day be a General Manager, Gita strongly believes that “setting a vision, striving for excellence through dedication, and maintaining a positive attitude are the ingredients needed to succeed. Seeing steady progress can also be a tremendous motivator, and it’s important to celebrate all wins – no matter how big or small.”

Only a month into her role at Destination Chrysler, Gita has already made a positive impact on her team, and we look forward to enabling Gita to achieve greater successes in the coming years.

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