Cheri Capadouca – Service Advisor at Destination Toyota Burnaby

International Women's Day

Cheri is an auto industry veteran, with 20+ years of experience. Her first role was as a Sales Receptionist at Richmond Honda. After making a transition to Destination Auto Group she has held roles such as a Service Receptionist, Warranty Administrator and now Service Advisor, enabling her to gain exposure to a wide range of operational roles. When she began she took the onus upon herself to develop her knowledge and learn the skills she needed to thrive in an environment that was traditionally male-dominated. Never one to shy away from a challenge she continued to push the boundaries which eventually lead her to obtain a Service Advisor role. She exclaims “regardless of the assumptions people make about women in auto roles, my resilience and drive continue to be a factor in what I do each and everyday.” Maintaining calm and confidence in a guest-centric role takes a lot of discipline and patience. “I’m grateful to all those who have supported me over the years. If we can maintain the momentum by providing opportunities and the support needed in order to progress and promote from within, we will continue seeing more female faces in fixed operations roles.” A piece of advice Cheri often shares with everyone is that with the right attitude, failures are never really failures, they are just lessons on how to be successful.

Cheri through her persistence and dedication truly upholds the definition of challenging the status quo, and is an inspiration to all young women in auto seeking a role in fixed operations.

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