Happy Earth Day Vancouver!

We love Vancouver… and we love that Vancouverites care so much about our beautiful city and our beautiful planet!  Every year on April 22nd we honour Earth Day.  This day marks the anniversary of the modern environmental movement that began in 1970.  With so many initiatives in place all over the world to bring awareness to environmental causes, it’s something we can all be proud to be a part of.  With even the smallest mindful shift, we can ALL do our part in making sure our amazing city thrives.  Not only on Earth Day, but EVERY DAY!

Here are some fun tips we put together to get your engines revved up for Earth Day 2019.

  1. Travel Locally

Reduce your carbon footprint by staying close to home.  According to Conde Nast Traveler, Vancouver is regularly voted as one of the most beautiful cities in the world!  Why would we leave when we have it all right here at our front door?  So put that wallet away and rest easy knowing that you are helping preserve our city’s beauty by staying here and enjoying it.

  1. Get Rid of The Junk in Your Trunk

Cleaning out your car and your trunk will help with your gas mileage.  With gas prices soaring right now we can all appreciate saving those hard earned dollars.  Depending on the model vehicle, your car can lose up to 2% fuel efficiency with every 100 lbs. of weight.  So get on it…. take the weight off your car and your wallet!

  1. Check Your Tire Pressure

Since we’re already talking about saving money at the gas pumps… take a moment to check your tire pressure.  Keep your tires inflated to the recommended PSI listed on the tires.  All of our Destination Auto Group Service departments can help you with that, during your oil change and maintenance appointments.

  1. Use Refillable Water Bottles

Save plastic bottles from the landfill.  We know this ‘cause is a big one!  First, we all need to pat ourselves on the back.  According to a recent CBC news report, British Columbia kept one billion drink containers out of its landfills last year due to our beverage-recycling program.  That’s amazing!  How do we improve on that? How about using refillable water bottles!  That will not only assist with keeping more plastic out of our landfills, it will also save the manpower, time, energy and money required to chase down recyclables.

  1. What’s Better…Windows Down or Air Conditioning?

Not to start a debate or anything… but haven’t you always wondered about this one?  Today’s cars offer all sorts of luxury perks.  Air Conditioning is certainly one we can all appreciate when the warm summer weather arrives here in Vancouver.  So what’s better when it comes fuel economy?  Running the Air Conditioning in your car or putting the windows down?  The answer for this depends on how fast you are travelling.  After doing some research we have concluded that while driving in the city it is more fuel efficient to drive with your windows down.  At highway speeds it is more fuel efficient to have your windows up and the air conditioning on.  So, go ahead…roll those windows down while you cruise through the beautiful parks and streets here in Vancouver.  Feel free to watch Myth Busters (Jamie and Adam) as they tackle this very question!

Thank you for taking the time to find out how to be more efficient and mindful when it comes to ensuring our planet and our city of Vancouver remains as beautiful as it is!  We hope your wallet also enjoys taking advantage of these tips.

Happy Earth Day Vancouver!

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