Q&A Time with a Service Manager

Ever wonder just what exactly happens after you drop your car off for service at one of our Destination Auto Group dealerships? Well we are here to satisfy your curiosity. We met with the Service Manager at Destination Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram and interviewed her to get you some more information about the importance of servicing your vehicle. We also filmed the behind the scenes of some popular services so you can feel at ease and know exactly what’s happening to your vehicle the next time you bring it in to get it serviced.

To kick it off, we asked some questions regarding regular maintenance and what one may or may no know about it and they provided some key information, especially if you live in rainy Vancouver.

Service #1 – Regular Maintenance

Q: What is something that most customers are unaware about regarding regular maintenance?

A: “In BC, we are fortunate enough to live in a beautiful rainforest.  Between the mountains and ocean we have a very specific type of microclimate compared to the rest of the country.  As such, I always recommend sticking with the severe service interval as opposed to the regular manufacturer recommendation.  This helps to minimize any moisture in your engine oil, preventing premature wear to these integral components and gives you the confidence of knowing your vehicle is receiving a comprehensive inspection at least twice a year.”

Q: What makes getting regular maintenance done here different from getting it done at any other dealership?

A: “Our FCA trained technicians take great pride and integrity in their workmanship.  When you service here, you are a part of our Destination Chrysler family.  It’s this sense of inclusion which sets us apart from other repair facilities.”

Then we went on to inquire more about alignment, just what is it that should prompt a customer to bring their car in? Keep reading to find out.

Service #2 – Alignment

Q: When should a customer bring in their car for alignment?

A: “Ideally I recommend an alignment check once a year.  Tires are an investment and an annual alignment ensures even tread wear, improved steering handling and overall vehicle safety.”

Q: What does this service include?

A: “During the alignment, we will inspect the steering and suspension components for wear and play tolerance, compare existing suspension angles to the manufacturer’s specifications, perform adjustments for suspension/steering angles as required for toe, camber and caster if applicable, center the steering wheel, torque all components and complete a road test.”

 You can also check out our other post concerning wheel alignment by clicking here.

Service #3 – Brake Service

Q: When should a customer bring their car in for brake service?

A: “A brake service should be completed once a year as preventative maintenance.  Over time, brake dust can accumulate on the friction materials and the caliper sliders can start to dry out.  When this happens, the caliper may start to drag, causing premature wear to your braking components.  The annual servicing ensures even brake pad wear and increased braking performance.”

Q: What makes getting your brake service done here different from getting it done at any other dealership?

A: “Some repair shops will sell you a brake service, pull the wheels off your vehicle then spray some brake cleaner in that area.  At Destination Chrysler, we do it right.  The wheels are removed, brake set disassembled, caliper sliders are serviced, brake pads are chamfoured, all contact points are cleaned and lubricated, all components are reassembled and torque accordingly and we perform a road test.  It’s this attention to detail which makes us different.”

We hope that you learned as much as we did about the importance of servicing your vehicle. A huge thank you to the Service Manager at Destination Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram for taking the time to meet with us and patiently answer all of our questions. After this Q&A session, we just wanted to remind you all to check out one of our Destination Auto Group dealerships service department today and make sure your car is performing at 100%.

Click here to book your next service appointment.

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