Prepare Your Car for Storage

For whatever reason, regardless of the season there may come a time when you need to store away your vehicle for a long period of time.  Whether you’re travelling, heading off to college or leaving town for work, proper storage will help preserve your vehicle’s engine and ensure that it starts once you return. Vehicles … Continue reading Prepare Your Car for Storage


How to Jump-Start a Car

Every driver should have an emergency jumper cable ready to use in their vehicle. One day you may find yourself stuck in the middle of the road with a dead battery. Luckily, jump-starting your car is not as difficult as it seems. If you find your vehicle regularly dead along the side of the road, … Continue reading How to Jump-Start a Car

Toyota Spending $1 Billion on Self-Driving Cars

Interest in self-driving cars have been increasing as more and more companies have expressed their enthusiasm in investing in one. Toyota has jumped on the idea and decided to spend $1 billion on robotics and self-driving cars with MIT and Stanford. Check out the full article by CarAndDriver here Lexus sedans can automatically switch lanes and … Continue reading Toyota Spending $1 Billion on Self-Driving Cars

2016 Toyota Tacoma: Review

To read the full article from Edmunds, click: The all-new 2016 Toyota Tacoma, mid-size pickup truck is getting a redesign with off-road abilities and new technologies. Toyota works on building the Tacoma’s current strengths while improving other areas to compete against their competitor. Here’s a full What Has Changed? The 2016 Toyota Tacoma does not … Continue reading 2016 Toyota Tacoma: Review

5 Convenient Games to Keep the Kids Entertained In the Car

Not everyone’s car is equipped with a DVD player and that’s why we have compiled a list of 5 convenient games to keep the kids entertained during errands, long drives, or even road trips! These games will keep the kids amused and happy; and you calm and less distracted - what more can you ask for? Try them out, we … Continue reading 5 Convenient Games to Keep the Kids Entertained In the Car