Types of Tires

There are many different types of tires to choose from and it can be confusing to decide which type is best for your vehicle.  Learning the difference between the various types and their main functions will help you make the right choice. Here are 4 common types of tires: Summer Tires Winter Tires All-Weather Tires … Continue reading Types of Tires


How to Change Your Tires

Flat tires are never welcomed and they can happen at the most unexpected moments, regardless of how safely you drive. They can happen just about anywhere at any time, which means there’s a chance you’re unable to call for help.  Knowing how to change a tire is an important skill for every driver. In this … Continue reading How to Change Your Tires

How to Tell Your Car Needs A Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is important for safe driving and the longevity of your vehicle, but it is one of the most overlooked service procedures. Improper wheel alignment affects steering, turning, suspension, and the tire’s performance and tread’s longevity. Wheel alignment should be monitored regularly because inadvertent actions such as driving on pot holes and unpaved roads, … Continue reading How to Tell Your Car Needs A Wheel Alignment