Prepare Your Car for Storage

For whatever reason, regardless of the season there may come a time when you need to store away your vehicle for a long period of time.  Whether you’re travelling, heading off to college or leaving town for work, proper storage will help preserve your vehicle’s engine and ensure that it starts once you return.

Vehicles that have been through long term storage may come across many problems such as rusting, interior discolouration, a dead battery or a damaged engine.

Here are some simple preparations you can do to help save you thousands of dollars in the long run and assure your car is safe to drive:

Storage Locationdsc00237sm3
If you’re storing your vehicle indoors, find a safe, dry and cool place to store your car. Ideally, a garage is the best place to store a vehicle to protect it against extreme temperatures.

For outdoor storage, the best thing to do is get a weather-proof car cover to help keep the car clean and dry.

Keep your Car Clean
Car washing
Although you’ll be storing your car away for months, it’s highly recommended to give your car a good wash and wax. This will get rid of any dirt build up, tree sap and dead bugs, which may cause rust and damage your paint over time.

Oil Filter

Used engine oil can cause damages to your engine. It is a good idea to change your vehicle’s oil and oil filter right before storage to prevent your engine from rusting.

It’s better to inflate your tires to a higher air pressure as over time, tires will begin to lose pressure.  Make sure not to exceed the recommended air pressure by finding your vehicles proper air pressure.  This information can be found on the:

  • Driver-side door
  • Side of the tire
  • Glove box or center console door
  • Engine compartment
  • Owner’s manual


Fill your fuel tank to the top with gas to prevent moisture from collecting inside the fuel tank; this may lead to rust inside the tank. It’s also recommended to use a fuel stabilizer to help prevent the gas from deteriorating.

After these preparations, you can now leave feeling assured that your vehicle has been properly stored. To get your oil filters changed or vehicle serviced, contact us at one of our 6 locations. See below for details:

Destination Chrysler
1600 Marine Drive,
North Vancouver, BC
Service: (604) 990-4364
Destination Toyota
4451 Still Creek Drive,
Burnaby, BC
Service: (604) 571-4399
Kingsway Honda
368 Kingsway,
Vancouver, BC
Service: (604) 874-6632
Destination Hyundai
445 Kingsway,
Vancouver, BC
Service: (604) 292-8190
Destination Mazda
1595 Boundary Rd,
Vancouver, BC
Service: (604) 291-9666
Destination Honda
4780 Hastings Street,
Burnaby, BC
Service: (604) 294-6632


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