The Canadian Automobile Dealers Association has announced today that Aziz Ahamed, President and Founder of Destination Auto Group, has won the prestigious CADA Laureate Award for 2019 in Business Innovation, for initiatives that significantly enhance performance or broaden the scope of business for new car and truck dealers.

According to the judges, the extent of what Aziz Ahamed’s organization calls “professionalism” is outstanding. “There are very professional Finance and HR functions, with some of the interesting innovations including the ‘Under the Hood’ initiative, the Predictive Index (for talent acquisition, on-boarding, and on-going coaching), and the employee-led 80s Tracker.” This is among other innovations that have contributed to the company’s success.

“This is always a special time of year,” said John White, President and CEO of the Canadian Automobile Dealers Association. “We are always proud to announce the winners of the CADA Laureate recognition program. These individuals have made their mark — they have distinguished themselves with their exceptional work in the dealer environment and their service to their community.”

“I am deeply humbled to receive this great recognition. I have our tremendous, dedicated staff to thank for their efforts, as well as all our industry partners and friends, and my family for their ongoing support,” commented Mr. Ahamed, who was also recognized as a top-5 finalist of the CADA Laureate Program for Retail Operations in 2017. “I wish also to offer my heartfelt Congratulations to all the other Award winners and finalists of the CADA Laureate program.”

The CADA Laureate Award is the most exclusive recognition a dealer can receive over the course of their career. Only three individuals are recognized annually among more than 3,200 new car and truck dealers across Canada. Each year the award is bestowed upon 3 dealers in the categories of Ambassadorship, Business Innovation and Retail Operations. The winners were selected by the Ivey Business School of Western University in London, ON.

According to CADA Chairman Perry Itzcovitch: “Call it a lifetime achievement award for a car dealer, because at the end of the day we are measured through our performance — monthly with the factory, or annually with the dealer award programs, but within our industry this is really the pinnacle award as far as recognizing us for outstanding performance in the field that we are in.”

The winners, along with exclusive interviews with the 2019 CADA Laureates, will be featured in the next edition of Canadian Auto Dealer magazine.

Destination Auto Group is a family-owned retailer of Toyota, Honda, Mazda and FCA vehicles in Burnaby, Vancouver and North Vancouver. Operating five full-service car dealerships, the company employs over 430 Associates and is dedicated to providing extraordinary customer service, transparency, and high-quality service and repair to all car owners in Greater Vancouver. For more information visit

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