Tips for Winter Driving

article-2261560-16E618F8000005DC-712_634x423Driving in winter weather can always be a challenge, but keeping your vehicle in good condition can help ensure you and your family have a safe winter holiday season. These are Destination’s very own tips on how to ensure your vehicle is properly checked-up and winterized before the snow hits the ground!

 Below are a few tips we hope you will find useful:

  1. Check your windshield wiper blades: verify that your wipers are in good condition. We also advise you to buy wipers specifically intended for winter use.
  2.  Have your tires changed to specific winter tires: these have better traction which helps while driving in potential snowy and icy conditions.
  3. Avoid driving in a rush. Make sure you give yourself extra time to get to where you need to go; especially when weather is bad.
  4. Regularly remove snow and ice from your vehicle.
  5. Do not use your car’s cruise control feature during bad weather.
  6. Keep a safe following distance: It may take longer to stop on a slippery road so make sure to keep a distance of at least four second between you and the other cars.
  7. Check all lights and headlight and make sure they are aimed correctly.
  8. Make sure your brakes are functioning correctly. You can bring your car to our dealership and we can service your brakes. We will make sure they are in perfect shape for winter!
  9. Slow down to avoid skidding.  Be careful when you brake, make turns and change lanes.
  10. Get your car ready with a full check-up to ensure the battery, brakes, and cooling and heating system are in top shape.

If you have any questions or would like us to have a look at your vehicle, please click here to book a Service Appointment or visit us online.

With winter around the corner, now is the best time to make sure you are prepared! Sometimes, it’s the small things we oversee during the summer months that come back to affect us in the winter, so the sooner you prepare, the safer you will be!

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